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Interpretation is about communicating, inspiring and engaging with people.

Good interpretation can help enhance visitor experiences, leading to greater appreciation and better understanding. It aims to provoke thought and discussion, relates to the audience, and reveals what is special about a person, place or object. Ideally, the audience should walk away thinking “Ah, I never knew that. Now I understand”.


Interpretation services

Interpretation is a multidisciplinary process involving planning and research, design, photography and illustration, and creative copyrighting.

I can provide the following interpretation services:

  • Interpretation planning and strategy development
    Planning is the bedrock of good interpretation. It is a vital tool to ensure a strategic approach is taken to the provision and management of interpretation.
  • Graphic design
    Including trail leaflets, guide books, interpretation panels.
  • Photography
    The use of clear, interesting and stimulating images forms the corner stone of many design projects.
  • Creative copywriting
    Telling compelling, engaging stories, which relate to the experiences of the audience, is the key to good interpretation.
  • Maps and illustrations
  • Project management

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Interpretation panels

Interpretation panelsInterpretation panels are a popular form of on-site interpretation, usually featuring a combination of text, images and maps.

Panels can be produced on a range of different materials, such as GRP, polycarbonate, or high-impact acrylic. GRP has long been the most popular material for outdoor panels. It is extremely tough, weather-resistant and most manufacturers offer a 5 year warranty against fading in sunlight. Cheaper (although less durable) alternatives, such as polycarbonate, are available for sites where vandalism is less of a concern.

Panels can be mounted on existing structures, such as fences or walls, or in a wide variety of timber or steel frames.

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More information about interpretation

There are many useful online resources available for interpretation projects, from interpretive planning guides, to writing and production. For more information follow the links below:


Association for Heritage Interpretation

I am an Associate Member of the Association for Heritage Interpretation.